Saturday, 17 March 2012

ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium and the tools/products I use on my eyebrows

ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium - £3.50.

I started filling in my eyebrows three years ago, after receiving an eyebrow powder in a giveaway prize. Now, I cannot leave the house without filling them in - it's just as important as applying mascara to me. For about two years, I used an eyebrow powder from NYX, but because it is not easy to get hold of in the UK, I thought I'd find an alternative. I put off buying the ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit for months because I didn't know what shade, if any, would suit me. I decided to go with Medium. At first, I thought the kit was too light for my eyebrows, but I now think it's perfect. For a while, I just used the powder, which is a lighter, warmer shade than the wax. Now though, I use the wax and then apply the powder where I need extra coverage. I love everything about this product: the price, the packaging, the mini brush that comes with the kit, the actual product and how long the product lasts on my eyebrows (all day!). Eyebrow products seem to last an age. I've been using this every day for about six months, and I'm no where near hitting pan.

Before and after: Natural eyebrow and eyebrow with the wax and powder on (looks much better in 'real life').

ELF Studio Small Angled Brush - £3.50, ELF Eyelash and Brow Wand - £1.50, MUA Clear Mascara - £1.

These are the other tools and products I use on my eyebrows (as well as a cheap pair of tweezers). The brush in the kit is good, but I prefer to use a brush with a longer handle, so I use the Small Angled Brush to apply the wax and powder. I then use the Eyelash and Brow Wand to comb my eyebrows through. Sometimes, I also use the MUA Clear Mascara to keep them in place.


  1. I've never thought of using a clear mascara instead of an eyebrow gel, definitely going to be picking the MUA one up now so thanks.

    Ria x

  2. I use clear mascara, the MUA one too in fact :)

    ~ Lizzie xo

  3. I'm definitely going to try this next time I make an ELF order, it looks so similar to the Benefit brow kit that I'm using at the moment. x

  4. I love eyebrow kits - I never thought i'd use one till I tried them. I haven't tried the ELF kit though, I use the Sleek one but they are really good!

  5. I love the Sleek version of this but this is a bit cheaper so I might give it a try! X

  6. i'm using Etude House's eyebrow powder.. suits my skin tone best! :)
    but never thought of using an eyebrow gel / clear mascara.. i'm eyeing on a Prestige one i saw last month! :P

  7. I've got it as well but in the ash shade( i think it's called), but I think it's too light for me..) I like the product so I will probably have to purchase medium shade.

  8. ooh i hope elf do a darker kit, i'd love to try it out, looks really good! <3


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